Dog walking in Clevedon

As a dog walker in Clevedon, I have can come to realise that we are very spoilt for choice with over seven decent dog walking paths and routes to explore on a weekly bases.

We have all weather walks, from open spaces for the sunny days, to deep dark forest walks protected by the tall trees and then everything else in-between.

With all dog walking in Clevedon, cleaning up after your dog is of top priority, and is frowned upon, so don’t feel embarrassed if you have forgotten a poo bag (like most of us have once or twice in our dog walking adventures) to ask any dog walker around to have one.

As a responsible dog walker in Clevedon I always carry more bags than needed just in case anyone asks me, or if any poo is not picked up on a path to help keep Clevedon tidy.

Our dog walks in clevedon are river walks, sea wall walks, hill top walks, forest walks and good old fashioned open space walks for throwing the ball.